Mr. Fabio Amicarelli, Executive Director

Mr. Fabio Amicarelli, Executive Director

Our European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights is staffed by Scientologists with many years' experience in human rights advocacy. The office is headed by Mr. Fabio Amicarelli.

Fabio AmicarelliFabio Amicarelli, a native of Rome, Italy, became a member of the Church of Scientology in 1979 and assumed his first staff position with the Church the same year. In 1988, Mr. Amicarelli joined the Public Affairs Office of the National Church of Scientology in Italy and in 1996 was appointed its director.

In this position, he was the chief spokesperson for the Church in Italy. He directed community activities and social betterment campaigns throughout the country. He launched a series of nationwide drug-education campaigns under the banner of "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life," which became well known throughout Italy. Through mass distribution of educational publications, millions of young people learned the truth about the harm of drugs. Mr. Amicarelli also directed the volunteer work of thousands of Scientologists in every part of Italy as they contributed to the anti-drug campaign and to disaster relief during the earthquakes and floods of 2002.

Ordained as a Scientology minister in 1988, Mr. Amicarelli has built interfaith dialogue and relations at many levels and in many countries of Europe. In 1993 in Rome, he convened the first European Conference on Religious Freedom bringing together numerous religious denominations for the purpose of building increased understanding and improved relations among faith groups.

Mr. Amicarelli was appointed to the position of Executive Director of the Church of Scientology International's European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights in June 2003.