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20 August 2009
Category: Anti-Drug

More than 950 cheerful and attentive Pakistan native persons met last Sunday night on the...

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5 July 2009
Category: General

The Church's property holdings internationally have more than doubled in the last 5 years. The...

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28 June 2009
Category: General

Scientology Public Affairs Director for the Church of Scientology of Catania, Italy, Ms. Itria Leone,...

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Inter-faith & Inter-cultural Dialogue


Communication: The Universal Solvent

News & EventsScientology is an all-denominational religious philosophy and encompasses a large body of technology regarding communication and improving interpersonal relations. With this in mind it is only natural that members of the Church of Scientology are actively and routinely engaged in dialogue and activity with members of other faiths and different cultures. It is also well-established policy of the Church to maintain friendly relations with our neighbours.

Church officials or volunteers often sit on local and regional interfaith forums, as well as working alongside other religions in various ways. Whether it is the multi-faith city clean-ups in England or campaigning for religious freedom in Germany, Scientologists in Europe can be found shoulder-to-shoulder with those who espouse the same noble cause.

Scientologist and BuddhistsChurch-hosted conferences and events often feature religious leaders or representatives of different cultural groups, with an emphasis on unity while maintaining the natural diversity. The Church has even hosted meetings, round-table discussions and conferences on religious freedom and interfaith dialogue, in order to promote the cause of religious diversity, the right to freedom of religious belief and expression, and to address specific issues of discrimination and persecution, thus ensuring continued freedom for all religions and beliefs.

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