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20 August 2009
Category: Anti-Drug

More than 950 cheerful and attentive Pakistan native persons met last Sunday night on the...

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5 July 2009
Category: General

The Church's property holdings internationally have more than doubled in the last 5 years. The...

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28 June 2009
Category: General

Scientology Public Affairs Director for the Church of Scientology of Catania, Italy, Ms. Itria Leone,...

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Effective Solutions

Volunteer Ministers


Showing that something can be done about It

News & Events"A Volunteer Minister is a person who helps his fellow man on a volunteer basis by restoring purpose, truth and spiritual values to the lives of others."—L. Ron Hubbard

Over 87,000 strong and spanning every continent of Earth, Scientology Volunteer Ministers work directly with community leaders, officials, support personnel and citizens to bring real help and order in the face of any disaster. Owing to the extreme turmoil of the past decade, the demand for their help has never been greater.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are trained to bring their solutions whenever and wherever they are needed, always with remarkable results. These solutions come from the greater body of Scientology technology and are intended for people of all beliefs. Anyone of any belief can become a Volunteer Minister.

Help in the Face of a Violent World

Gun and knife crime, sexual assault, racially-motivated attacks, gang rivalry and terrorism—just some of the litany of horrors we see, hear or read in the daily news, propagated by old and new media sources both at home and in the workplace. Even those not directly affected by the violence experience increased stress and anguish.

Combined with declining morality, racial and religious intolerance, drug-related crime and more, an atmosphere of terror and distrust abounds. The media paints a very bleak picture of the world, a portrait of cynicism, political decay and economic depression. Are these just symptoms of an ailing postmodern social order, or can something be done about it?

Something Can be Done About It

Expressed in the slogan of the Volunteer Minister programme and their unmistakable travelling yellow marquees is the attitude of the Volunteer Minister. No challenge is too great, no problem too complex. Working in extreme conditions on the front lines of both natural and man-made disasters, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have proven time and time again that something can be done about it.

To find out more about the work of the Volunteer Ministers in Europe, read the booklet from the Scientology Effective Solutions series, Bringing Effective Help to the Community, available as a free download.

For an overview of the worldwide Volunteer Minister programme, to take a free course or to tour the 'online cavalcade,' visit the Scientology Volunteer Ministers website.