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Free Online Courses are Changing Lives

28 May 2008 · Category: VM

A recent Gallop poll shows that 47% of Americans are struggling just to get by in life, unable to cope with their problems—an increase of 10% over 2006 figures. It was exactly to help people overcome these kinds of difficulties that the Scientology Volunteer Ministers initiated a program of free online courses that raise ability and self-confidence in more than a dozen important aspects of life.

Young woman doing an online Volunteer Minister course

New online courses from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site focus on helping people solve problems so they no longer have to struggle in life.

Volunteer Minister online courses cover every chapter of the Scientology Handbook, based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. By using this service, visitors to the web site can learn to communicate effectively; salvage or improve marriages; raise happy, self-confident children; learn how to learn any subject and build lasting relationships. They also become skilled at overcoming stress, handling upsets, setting and achieving goals, improving their own and others' honesty and integrity, resolving conflicts, helping people deal with drug problems, and helping people who are ill or injured.

Since the program went online last October, news of the results and benefits have been pouring in.

A woman who took the Components of Understanding Course had this to say: "I have noticed that a calm has come to me. I have been less reactive. I rarely use foul language, which before would roll off my tongue. If one slips I am more aware of it now. Before I would not even stop myself when I was aware of it."

A man wrote in to share this after completing the Marriage Course: "What I learned is that a marriage must be created, not just once but every day, every second you are around each other-that communication and trust is the principal tools to use in creating this lasting partnership. The main success I got from this was applying it to my own marriage."

"This course has helped me as an educator!" wrote a teacher who took the online course in study technology. "It has reinstated such important principles as how to handle and raise a child to help him or her achieve full potential. I now give my students more freedom, allow each of them to grow as their OWN INDIVIDUAL person and not so much just a 'stationary' kid who only does and knows what society expects him or her to do."

A visitor from Ghana took the online course on resolving conflicts. "I was able to successfully resolve two conflicts, one in my hood and the other at a party," he wrote, on completing his course. "I was glad to put what I have learnt into practice and it did work out perfectly."

A man, seeking self-help after a painful divorce shared this: "I found that my children are best responsive when given an option in life and that through support and help and listening to what they have to say, it has made them happier. I have found this to be a fantastic way of seeing my children almost always happy. They have gone through a traumatic experience. This has been the most relevant thing I have done with my children and I have learned that by letting them choose, it opens up a new happiness for us all. I personally still struggle that they are not with me all of the time, but the times they are with me, they are a pleasure to be with."

Here was what one man wrote about his new confidence after studying and applying the information in the Components of Understanding course. " I am more capable of establishing bonds with other people, and overcoming past hurts," he wrote. "In the past, I only had a superficial relationship with my sister." Through what he learned on this course this has changed. "I have been able to reach out to her and to reestablish close bonds with her and her family."

A woman from Brazil finished the Integrity and Honesty Course and wrote: "I really learned to be a better person with this course." A college student from Ohio wrote that he will be "using the lessons to better my study and retention skills." And another student wrote, "I am happier now than I have been in many years, thanks to learning what I have learned here."

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers courses are a free service. Participants download the course materials. A trained Volunteer Minister individually grades the assignments and gives feedback as needed to ensure the student understands the information. The courses emphasize making sure the students can apply what they have learned with confidence so they no longer have to struggle with the real-life situations that have bothered them before.

For more information visit the Volunteer Ministers web site or email