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Scientology Volunteer Ministers Eastern European Goodwill Tour Brings Disaster Preparedness to Craiova, Romania

21 October 2007 · Category: VM

In 2006, Romania was devastated by one of the worst flood seasons in the history of the country. And although there was no loss of life, so many Romanians were affected that it brought home the importance of having well trained emergency response personnel in place. Which explains why officials, community groups and the general public have been so interested in the disaster relief training program provided by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Eastern European Goodwill Tour.

Photo of youngster in traditional costumes at the grand opening of the Goodwill Tour in Craiova, Romania

Youngsters dressed in traditional costumes at the grand opening
of the Goodwill Tour in Craiova, Romania.
On arriving in the city of Craiova, the Volunteer Ministers met with the mayor and briefed him on the purpose of the tour-to bring real help to towns and cities throughout the region. They emphasized the need to ensure the city is prepared for any future disasters. The mayor not only approved the tent to be erected right in the middle of town in front of the prominent National Theatre, but he also provided this venue to the Volunteer Ministers free of charge.

Group photo of Red Cross and emergency relief personnel trained by the Volunteer Ministers

The Volunteer Ministers held disaster preparedness seminars,
training local Red Cross and other emergency relief personnel.
The first to take advantage of the Volunteer Ministers disaster relief training program was the local Red Cross, whose staff and volunteers attended seminars on communication and ethics. The Red Cross personnel also learned to deliver Scientology assists—simple techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard that handle the spiritual component in trauma.

The Volunteer Ministers and Red Cross personnel then teamed up to deliver a seminar to some 50 participants that promoted the message, "Do Not Allow Yourself to Become the Next Victim —Be Competent When Lives Depend on You." This seminar not only covered first aid, but also trained people on Scientology assists that help overcome disorientation and introversion.

Photo of the ribbon cutting at the grand opening of the Goodwill Tour in Craiova, RomaniaThe Volunteer Ministers' presence in Craiova was firmly established by a grand opening event in the center of town, where 40 youngsters dressed in traditional costumes performed dances to the folk music of the region. The Vice-President of the Red Cross Committee of Craiova officially welcomed the tour and was joined by the President of "Together," another local volunteer organization, and the Mayor of Isalnita, who spoke in praise of the work and aims of the Volunteer Ministers. The city soon learned that the volunteers in the yellow t-shirts and jackets were there to help.

Photo of people assisting to a Volunteer Minister seminarAs popular as the disaster relief training proved to be, it was not the only service available at the big yellow tent. In fact, the Volunteer Ministers carried out extensive surveys to find out what the people of Craiova most needed, to determine the courses they should concentrate on providing during their stay in the city. They learned that strong family relations are what matters most to the people of this region and so concentrated on courses in communication, improving relationships and helping children, all of which were based on chapters of the Scientology Handbook, which has been published in Romanian in booklet form.

During their brief stay in Craiova, the Volunteer Ministers toured some 7,500 people through their tent and gave one-on-one help to more than 2,000 local residents, who learned that the Volunteer Ministers motto is absolutely true: Something CAN Be Done About It!

For more information visit the web site of the Romanian Volunteer Ministers.