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Scientology Disaster Relief Team Calls for Volunteers to Help

24 August 2007 · Category: VM

With today's announcement that the search for more survivors from last week's Peruvian earthquake has ended, efforts are now concentrated on bringing help to the more than 100,000 left homeless. The Scientology Disaster Relief Team, headquartered in the City of Pisco, Peru, is mobilizing volunteers from around the world and will train anyone who wants to help in the relief effort.

Peru President Alan Garcia announced today that rebuilding this region is his government's highest priority, but getting needed supplies to victims of the disaster, particularly in and around the city of Pisco and outlying mountain areas, is an urgent problem.

Donations of funds and supplies are pouring in from governments and organizations. The United Nations has pledged a million dollars in relief funds and Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Korea, the United States, France and Spain are among the countries sending aid, including medicine, water and food.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers, who were in Iquitos, Peru, making final preparations for a planned August 18th launch of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Amazon Goodwill Tour, postponed their project and flew to the City of Pisco, where they are now directing the work of the Scientology Disaster Relief Team forming up in that area.

Volunteer Ministers provide urgently needed relief for local residents, and administrative skill to bring order and ensure maximum help in times of disaster. They are also specialists in trauma relief. They not only help on a one-on-one basis but they also train local agencies, organizations and individuals in these techniques.

Their expertise comes from experience gained at hundreds of disaster sites including the Indian Ocean tsunamis of 2004, and natural disasters in the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Africa and in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the US.

"Volunteers have arrived in Peru from as far away as Mexico City and Los Angeles," said Veronica Albano, spokesperson for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. "One volunteer from Mexico City was thrilled that not only was his visa and that of one of his colleagues rushed through, but he also received an official letter giving them access to the disaster zone."

On learning about the Scientology Disaster Relief Team, another volunteer, a 19-year-old Peruvian student in Los Angeles, California, contacted his friends in his hometown of Lima, and he and his friends have joined the team. "I am not a Scientologist," he said "but I know that this Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief program has been effective for many years in helping other areas struck by disasters, and I know I can make a difference. That's why I decided to go."

For the past three decades the Volunteer Ministers program, created by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, has been living up to its motto, that no matter how bad it is "Something CAN be Done About It." To find out how to join the Volunteer Ministers team or to donate to support those on the ground in Peru, contact 1-800-HELP-4-YU or email the Volunteer Ministers Coordinator at