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Church of Scientology presents its Anti-drug campaign for the 62nd celebration of the Pakistan Independence Day

20 August 2009 · Category: Anti-Drug

More than 950 cheerful and attentive Pakistan native persons met last Sunday night on the 16th of August in Brussels to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of their country independence day. On that occasion, and at the request of the Pakistan Business Men Forum Belgium and Institute for Peace and Development Europe, the Church of Scientology presented to the Pakistan community its international campaign against drugs.

Marc Bromberg speaking on stage to the Pakistani assembly

As stated Mr. Marc Bromberg, a managing director of the European Office of the Church of Scientology International, during the presentation: "Just within the European Union, more than 2 million persons are taking drugs. This drug consumption that is taking place mostly among the youth has reached a record level and more than 8.000 persons among them many youngsters die from overdose each year".

Mr. Bromberg added that the best way to tackle the drug issue is a well designed and well run drug awareness campaign based on drug educationand their dangers. "We have already distributed more than 21 millions booklets to the public. This booklet is called 'The Truth About Drugs', and it has been translated into 22 different languages", said Mr. Bromberg.

Pakistani youngsters with their certificates of Drug-Free Marshals

Pakistani youngsters pledged to live a drug-free life and were appointed
Drug-Free Marshals.

Following a video presentation relating to drug damages, from a DVD targeting the parents and social workers, and right before the festivities got unrolled, an official ceremony was held where each attendee realized his role in society, and some 60 young people and others backed up by the whole of the community pledged to live a drug-free life and help others do the same. They then received a certificate validating their status of "Drug-Free Marshal". The organizers of the commemoration emphasized the importance of their new responsibilities as Drug-Free Marshals for a drug free world, both within and outside their own community.