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News Archive – 2007

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2 January 2007 Working to Establish the Rights of Minorities in India

5 January 2007 The Church of Scientology International announces record expansion of the religion in 2006

13 January 2007 Scientology opens prominent new church in Berlin

30 January 2007 World Religion Day 2007

1 February 2007 Scientology Volunteer Ministers — Bringing hope in the jails of Taiwan

13 February 2007 Church of Scientology International receives LA Business Journal's Real Estate Award

25 February 2007 UK train crash emergency crew helped by Scientology VMs.

27 February 2007 Youth for Human Rights ads a hit with teachers at the Social Science Congress in Holland

28 February 2007 Scientology Disaster Relief in Jakarta Indonesia

7 March 2007 Welcoming 2007, the Year of Equal opportunities

4 April 2007 Church of Scientology of Moscow wins landmark decision in European Court of Human Rights — Confirmation of Scientology's religious Bona Fides by the highest court in Europe

16 April 2007 Tsunami takes its toll on the children of Gizo

8 May 2007 57 Years After Its First Publication, Excitement over Dianetics Still "Volcanic"

11 June 2007 Saluting the Drug-Free Hungary Marathon 2007

20 June 2007 The L. Ron Hubbard House at Camelback in Phoenix Wins 2007 Arizona Governor's Heritage Preservation Honor Award

19 July 2007 Cuddalore District Government Acknowledges the Work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers

24 August 2007 Scientology Disaster Relief Team Calls for Volunteers to Help

17 September 2007 Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Peru

21 October 2007 Scientology Volunteer Ministers Eastern European Goodwill Tour Brings Disaster Preparedness to Craiova, Romania

2 November 2007 National Church of Scientology Recognized in Spain

25 November 2007 “Let's talk": Start in Brussels a religious forum