Permanent Exhibition

Find out about the Church of Scientology and its activities

Exhibition PanelsThe Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights in Brussels contains a permanent exhibition that depicts the fundamentals of the Scientology religion, the life and accomplishments of founder L. Ron Hubbard and the many social betterment programmes sponsored by the Church internationally.

Since the Church of Scientology first launched a human rights office in Brussels in 1990, the scope of the Church's activities in Europe has expanded more than tenfold. And so have the questions about what Scientology is, what exactly it does and how it can help.

Thus, in 2002, the Church of Scientology International acquired new facilities in Brussels for its European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights. Following its purchase by the Church, the building underwent significant renovation. While retaining the charm of its original neoclassical Regency style, the remodelled premises include the state-of-the-art facilities necessary to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of events occurring daily at the centre of European government.

Artfully arranged photo exhibits and displays throughout the building, supplemented by video presentations, inform visitors about Scientology and offer an overview of the Church's social reform and human rights activities.

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Beginning on the ground floor, the building has been designed to include meeting and conference rooms where religious leaders, human rights experts and government and civic officials can work together on solutions to important human rights and social betterment issues.

As one enters the building at reception, one sees the Aims of Scientology and the Creed of the Church of Scientology displayed. Here, also, are exhibits and audio-visual displays that demonstrate the religious nature of the Church, including the findings and conclusions of religious scholars, courts and government agencies in Europe and around the world who have reviewed Scientology in depth and uniformly determined it to be a bona fide religion.

In the sitting area beyond reception are displays depicting the activities and results of the many social betterment programs sponsored by churches of Scientology.

Human Rights WorkroomAlso on the ground floor is the Human Rights workroom where visiting experts representing private groups or governmental bodies can confer and coordinate on initiatives to advance human rights. The room also contains briefing panels that feature the highlights of the Church's human rights programs over the years. These include displays that describe numerous reforms accomplished in the field of mental health by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which was co-founded by the Church in 1969.

Display panels of Freedom magazine, published internationally by the Church and widely recognised as one of the foremost voices for social justice and human rights, present some of the many astounding stories Freedom has broken during its 35-year history.

Adjacent to the Human Rights workroom is a complete photographic presentation of churches of Scientology around the world, showing the rapid expansion and growing impact of the religion.

Audiovisual Lounge and Scientology display

On the first floor, a spacious audio-visual lounge allows visitors to view films and other visual presentations about Scientology. Here, one can gain a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles of the Scientology religion.

L. Ron Hubbard GalleryAlso on this floor is the L. Ron Hubbard photo gallery. It chronicles the life of the founder of the Scientology religion and his researches into the mind and human spirit. These exhibits offer a fascinating glimpse into the extraordinary life and extensive accomplishments of this remarkable man.

On the second floor is a multi-purpose conference centre that can be set up for religious services, lecture events, seminars or round-table meetings. The displays along the walls of this facility illustrate the many secular programs that utilise Mr. Hubbard's methods to resolve the societal ills of drug abuse, crime, illiteracy and immorality.

As is the case for all churches of Scientology around the world, the European Public Affairs and Human Rights Office is open to the public. Visitors are always welcome, whether they have an interest in and want to learn more about the Scientology religion and its social programs, or simply to enjoy a tour of this extraordinary new facility.

Our intention in establishing the European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights was to have it be a resource and focal point for those seeking to help their communities. We provide workable answers to the problems facing those active in the fields of religion, human rights and social betterment. We designed the office for active use, so that it exists as a primary source for positive change both locally and throughout Europe.